Merton Court Preparatory School

"Head, hand, heart" is central to the ethos of Merton Court School. We believe this incorporates a holistic approach to the development of the whole child. Our broad based curriculum is built upon a programme of intellectual and physical stimulation alongside emotional and spiritual well-being. Our community is warm and caring in a buzzy atmosphere. Above all our staff and pupils know each other very well.

The Junior Department

The Junior department at Merton Court is made up of Year 1 (J2) and Year 2 (J3). There are two forms in each year group with a maximum number of twenty pupils in each.

The department provides a successful and seamless transition between Early Years, Foundation Stage and the Senior school (Key Stage 2).
There is a strong focus on literacy and numeracy in the department. Children build-up and fine tune the skills attained in previous years. Cursive writing skills, first introduced in Reception, are continually improved and honed. English work starts becoming more formalised with a more defined Grammar, Comprehension and Creative Writing focus.
Diverse practical and numerical Mathematical concepts are introduced, re-visited and expanded on. Support is there for those who need it as well as more challenging work, for those who are more able.
Regular Homework is set from J2 along with weekly spelling tests. Number Bonds are worked on and times-tables are introduced in the Summer Term of J2. More formal tests are given from J2 Spring Term onwards and these results begin the assessment tracking record we keep on each child.

Each term there is a focus on one of the core subjects (Mathematics, English, and Science) and this forms the underlying theme for that term's area of study, class assemblies and activity week.

The 'Knowledge and Understanding of the World' from EYFS subtly moves into more defined subject areas, with Science, History and Geography being taught as distinct subjects.

There are separate specialist subject teachers for PE, Swimming, Music, Dance, ICT and Spanish/French lessons. All children are involved in the school's Christmas production and each Year group presents an assembly, once a term, to the school and their parents.
In addition, there are numerous clubs and activities run throughout the school day. All children participate in our Summer Sports Day.

The links with the Senior school (Years 3-6) are strong; reinforcing the school's family ethos. Achievements and successes are publicly recognised through merit badges, special assembly awards and at end of term Prize Giving.

We do not participate in the annual Key Stage 1 SATS examinations.

The Senior Department

Year 3
Thus begins the transition from the Junior School to the Senior School where children are encouraged to take more responsibility for themselves and their learning. The core curriculum is vital and children begin to experience more subject based teaching aided by subject specialists. Smaller group work sessions in English and Maths begin in the first half of the academic year which encourages confidence and progress in key skills. Homework continues with 1 subject per night which should be completed within a twenty minute period. Most children have the opportunity to represent the school in our main sports of rugby, netball, football, swimming and cricket.

Year 4
Academic rigour continues in Year 4 and again, children are encouraged to take full responsibility for their learning. There is a full programme of study in both core and foundation subjects throughout the year and smaller group work sessions in English and Maths occur during the Summer Term. Testing and Assessment continues termly with parents being given a full set of test results with personal targets in the Spring Term and at the end of the Summer Term. The year culminates in a two day, one night visit to the Downe Outward Bound Centre where the children experience many outdoor activities and are able to challenge themselves in all areas.

Year 5
The year begins with a three day residential trip to France where the children visit some World War 1 cemeteries as well as Orchard Dump in Arleux. They also visit the grave of Marcel Simon, an ex-pupil of Merton Court. They have the opportunity to visit the local school in Arleux, where the school has very close links. This gives the children an insight into WW1 and WW2 and thus prepares them to lead the School's annual Remembrance Service in November. Secondary transfer examinations continue to be a major focus for this year and children complete homework in English and Maths every night and parents are invited to attend Parents' Evenings in the Spring and Summer Terms where they are given a full set of test results along with individual targets for their child. Children are encouraged to participate in a wide variety of activities in school and to show an increasing sense of responsibility as they approach Year 6.

Year 6
All children in Year 6 are given the opportunity to be School Prefects and to help with the day to day running of the school. Secondary selective tests dominate the first month of Year 6 and our children are fully prepared for these. Parents are invited to discuss secondary school options with both the Headmaster and Form teachers. Year 6 children are then involved in many fund raising activities both in school and in the wider community as well as considering their preparations for Year 6 SATS. Homework continues to be an integral part school life and a SATS Prediction Evening is held for both pupils and parents in the Spring Term. After Key Stage 2 SATS in May Year 6 participate in two weeks of Challenge and Enrichment. There then follows a week's residential trip to Spain where children can use their Spanish knowledge and also experience a week of Spanish life, food and culture. The term culminates in a Senior School Production where Year 6 lead this great event of singing, dancing and drama. All Year 6 children transfer to a wide range of secondary schools in Bexley and adjoining boroughs.
Our Leaver's list are available on this website, as evidence of the success of our pupils through dedication to task and academic rigour.

Our pupils sit the annual Government Key Stage 2 SATS.

In 2017 our pupils that achieved at the expected standard are as follows:

Reading 95% (71% National Average)
Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling 92% (77% National Average)
Maths 92% (75% National Average)
Writing (Teacher Assessed) 92% (76% National Average)

In 2016 our pupils achieved very impressive results with 92% achieving AS (at expected standard) in Reading, 51% were deemed to be working at greater depth within the expected level (GDS) in Writing, 100% AS in Maths and 100% AS in Science. This is well above the National average.

In 2015 our pupils achieved at Level 5:

80% English
79% Maths (22% at Level 6)

We are proud of all our 2015 Year 6 leavers and particularly those who achieved excellent results at secondary school entrance (including 5 scholarship awards).

For further details of our school leavers' successes please refer to the relevant section of the website.
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