Merton Court Preparatory School
Additional Learning Support

Individual Differences

Every child is unique, and sometimes children need a little bit of extra help with their learning, for reasons other than a learning difficulty. If this happens, we inform and involve parents at every stage to make sure that the barriers to learning are correctly identified, and appropriate interventions planned, implemented and reviewed. We are also able to offer assessments to pinpoint areas of difficulty, using a wide range of professionally recognised tests.

Recent research suggests that children who sometimes struggle with their learning may have weaknesses in underlying cognitive skills. Working Memory, processing speed, phonological awareness, attention and sequencing are all cognitive fundamentals, prerequisites for school success. Research also suggests that intensive computer-based interventions are able to effect significant improvements in these areas.

This type of training is always interactive, new concepts are presented consistently, the online tutor is infinitely patient and non-judgemental, and the difficulty level is constantly adjusted to suit the learner. We are able to provide Cogmed Working Memory Training and Fast ForWord, which have been shown to bring about changes to the way information is processed and to strengthen fundamental cognitive skills. These interventions are supervised by our expert staff, who monitor progress carefully and gauge precisely when to introduce specific content, or supplement the training with instruction away from the computer.

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