Merton Court Preparatory School


Curriculum developments continue apace with a new PSHEE/ RE curriculum. The scheme is called Discovery RE and aims to support our Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural curriculum. It will also enhance our Mindfulness, British Values and Personal Development. Circle Time is an important part of our day where we have meaningful discussions and activities to develop our emotional and spiritual well-being. We also have a new French and Spanish curriculum in place from EY-S4, along with a revised Computing curriculum. All year groups will have an iPad and along with our existing ten iPads we have now ordered ten more new iPads so that all children may use these in classrooms. Our theme for English term is ‘Writing for Fun’ and we continue to push the ‘Power of Reading’ as an on-going initiative. Remember ‘good writers read…’
We are delighted,(alongside our free group tuition for S1 violin and J3 recorder) to be introducing our J2 ukulele initiative this term.
In EYFS we have two new focus areas to improve hand/eye
co-ordination, one is sports skills and the other is woodworking activities. In the Senior School to help sports performance we will also be running Sports Psychology mentoring to help players achieve their full playing potential.
We had a quiet Christmas break in school except for the fitting of a new Media screen in the Art room. However, as we start 2018 we have much planned for upgrading existing facilities with new projects also ‘in the pipe-line’.
In the Spring, we will be fitting air-conditioning to the S4 classrooms and plan for new partitioning, along with upgrading the J2 conservatory area. We will also be doing work to the front of school to improve the refuse collection areas and improving our Knoll Road car park and the school frontage. The outdoor classroom next to J3/S1 (courtesy of FOMC) is on schedule for construction in March, along with Phase 2 of Early Years outdoor refurbishments.
Plans are being finalised for our new Astro turf and Dance Studio - if you wish to look at these they are located in the swimming pool vestibule area.
We are always open to new ideas for improvements to our facilities here. Should you have any suggestions for school improvements, please do not hesitate to have a chat with Mr Price or any member of staff.


It has been full steam ahead for our refurbishment programme over the Easter break and we have a continuing programme focusing particularly on Early Years and J1 over the next three months. This will include all inside and outside areas. Please do look at the plans currently displayed in EYFS. We completed new toilets in Early Years over the Easter break and intend to repeat this in J1 in June.
If you have visited the school over the last week or so, you would have noticed a big improvement to our school hall with the addition of a brand new floor which looks fantastic! We will also be completely refurbishing the FOMC kitchen in the next month.
We are also delighted to be using our brand new ‘astro’ cricket square on Merton Field during this cricket season.


It was lovely for the Pillman family (and indeed the Rt Hon James Brokenshire MP) to be present at our annual Remembrance Service. They witnessed the unveiling of the new artillery shell memorial that adds a special focus to our 'Via Sacre' and memorial garden, dedicated to the twenty two Merton Court past pupils killed in WW1.
Refurbishment of the Staff Room and newly created Leadership Team meeting room is near completion. These works represent the final projects of our three year plan 2013-16.
It is almost incredible to think of all the improvements that have been made since we began our most recent refurbishment of the school. Over the last three years, we have rebuilt/refurbished the following: ten classrooms, our library/resources room, the kitchen/servery, new staff and Senior pupils' toilets, and the Music, Science, Art, and Computing rooms. We have also refurbished two Senior classrooms, school front reception along with a new Junior playground amphitheatre, Forest School play equipment, Astro changing shelters, and a new Astro waiting area. Added to this we have created a multi-use memorial garden and installed air-conditioning in Early Years and the Hall.
We now embark on our new Three Year Plan from 2017, taking us through to 2020 and we are dedicated to providing yet further outstanding opportunities for all of our children.
Our exciting '20/20 Vision' of Merton Court includes the following: a new astro cricket square, new hall floor and lighting, the internal and external refurbishment of EY/J1, completion of Stage Two of our Junior playground development, a new Dance studio and a new astro-turf pitch.
We are always open to new ideas for improvements to our facilities here. Should you have any suggestions for school improvements, please do not hesitate to have a chat with Mr Price or any member of staff.


We are delighted that all works relating to our new Science, Music and Art rooms are now all completed. Please do come into school to look at these excellent new resources, if you haven’t already done so. Particular thanks to all those parents, past parents, friends and pupils who were present at the formal dedication of the new ‘Chris Price IT Suite’. This is a most fitting memorial to ‘Mr Chris’, an inspirational teacher and a well-loved member of our school community, who will be sorely missed.

Our IT room has undergone a complete refurbishment and is now already in use for the new term. It is also lovely to see that our new 'Via Sacre' and Garden of Remembrance have bedded in so well. Interestingly, this year the actors Dominic West, Cherie Lunghi and Elizabeth Hurley, will be leading a walk, along with the historian, Anthony Seldon, along the 450 mile 'Via Sacre' or sacred road, from the Swiss border to the English Channel to mark the 100th anniversary of the Battle of the Somme. The walk is a tribute to Alexander Douglas Gillespie and the millions of soldiers who lost their lives in the First World War.
The new garden is a wonderful addition to our outdoor learning space, particularly the new 'astro' area adjacent to J2 which gives them more options for outside classroom space.
Now that this is completed we will be renovating the wooded area next to the J1 covered outdoor classroom space, over the coming months.
Work also continues apace on our two current projects - a new Science Lab and a new Music Room. Final fitting out commences in mid-February and we anticipate these rooms being in full use by pupils in the second half of the Spring Term.


During the Easter holidays the astro has been re-sanded to complement the new changing/viewing shelters installed in the astro/woodchip area. We will also complete our re landscaping of the area over the next few weeks. This term, we will be starting work on our new Science and Music rooms.


School Development:
Following a great deal of building work over the holiday period, we were both pleased and proud to see the opening, on Friday 5 September, of our newly completed teaching block that now houses J2, J3, S1, S2 and S4. Despite a heavy parliamentary schedule, James Brokenshire, our local MP, managed to find the time to unveil formally the new foundation stone of the Elizabeth Price Building, watched by a large gathering of present and past parents and friends from our extended school family along with, past pupils, S4, councillors, the construction team and heads of local primary and secondary schools.

In fact, we unveiled not one but two foundation stones. The expertly restored foundation stone (a 2nd Century Roman funerary epitaph) from our original hall/gymnasium, laid by our founding headmaster (and owner), J.W.E Pearce, was formally unveiled by his grandson Philip Ray-Davies to complete this celebration of past, present and future. The S3 classrooms in the old building have been given a complete makeover with new white boards, and the temporary S2 classrooms have now been transformed into a beautiful new Library/Resources Room.

We also refurbished two school offices and our old Library which has now become an additional staff/meeting room. Work continues apace on the exterior of Early Years, drainage to School field and also on the completion of our new kitchens which are scheduled for final fit at Christmas. Now that space has been freed up in the main building, over the coming year we will be creating new Science and Music facilities, along with new Senior toilets - so as you can see, there is much to do!

We welcome two new members of staff this term, Mrs Julie Ashworth who is our new History Coordinator and form teacher for J3A and Miss Joanne Evans who joins our EYFS team. Mrs P Rutter has assumed responsibility for Science throughout the school, Mrs K Turley has taken over as Art Coordinator, Mrs N Clarke is now Life Skills Coordinator and Mr A Sadikali is now responsible for ICT.

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