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House Event Winners:
English - MODERN
Football - MODERN
Netball - MODERN
Swimming - SCHOOL
Hockey - SCHOOL
Merit Shield - MODERN

Sincere thanks to everyone who contributed to our Spring Term charity â€"The Lord Taverners’. We raised £862.53 from our ‘Charities Day’ which included ‘History Dressing-up Day’, a cake sale and sponsored ‘no homework’, along with other contributions; this brought the total raised to just under £1,000. Our final total so far to our chosen charities for the year, is a massive £2,566.90.

£160 was raised through an after school cake sale for MacMillan Cancer Support - thank you to everyone who made this possible.

Our charity for the Summer term is ‘Ghost fishing’, a charity that helps to clear reefs of dangerous plastic deposits, such as fishing nets and we are very lucky to have a diving demonstration in our pool from professional deep-sea divers to S4 later in the term.

Sidcup Food Bank
Once again your contributions to our request for items for the Sidcup Food Bank were much appreciated. S4 Charities Co-ordinators talked to the children to explain the purpose of the collection and the competition winners for collecting the most donations were S2C.

Bromley Festival of Music and Speech Winners
This year both the Senior and Junior Choirs achieved a very high standard with Runners-up and Honours Awards. A big well done to all those that took part and also to Mr Reece and Mrs Lockyer.

Victoria College
Congratulations to all seventy children who sat exams this year. Twenty-two children received 100% in their category. The examiners were extremely complimentary about how the children conducted themselves during their exam session. The standards remain high and it is important for children to

42nd Competition of Young Art in Bexley 2018
Oliver Copus, Daisy Ellis, James Mott, Emily Stupart and Annabelle Zhang (EYFS/KS1) were awarded a 3D Group Highly Commended Certificate of Merit (2nd place) for the ‘Biscuit Bear Shop Window’ they made and Billy Bunney (J3F/W) for his ‘still life’ drawing received a Highly Commended Certificate of Merit (2nd place).
Gianna Cheung, Darcey Cross, Safia Hamad and Daphne Postlethwaite (S1) were awarded First place (3D Group Prize) for their ‘Guardians of the Deep’ sea life mobile they made from recycled plastic â€" as they continue to raise awareness of the threat that our oceans face due to plastic pollution. S1T were awarded a Group Highly Commended Certificate of Merit (2nd place) for their ‘Carnival Galore’ collage. Leonard Chandran (S1R) was awarded a Certificate of Merit (3rd place) for his picture of an Egyptian head. Samuel Cross and Isabella Wright, both in S3, were awarded a 3D Group Prize (1st place) for their ‘Poppy Project’. Cliona Hadland and Gunit Kaur (S3) were awarded a Group Highly Commended Certificate of Merit (2nd place) for their silk paintings. Claudia Shaffie (S3S) received a Certificate of Merit (3rd place) for her picture of Nefertiti along with Kirstin Elias (S3M) for her Tudor textiles work. S3 received a Group Certificate of Merit (3rd place) for their ‘Fruits of the Rangoli Vine’ collage which they made for Harvest Festival. S4 also received a 3D Group Prize (1st place) for their ‘Tudor Roses’ tapestry.
The Senior Art Club were awarded a 3D Group Highly Commended Certificate of Merit (2nd place) for the ‘bugs’ they made from recycled materials. Oscar Allen, Luca Cambden, Naysa Nganje, Anjola Pratt and Emma Selvey were awarded a Group Highly Commended Certificate of Merit (2nd place) for their Picasso portraits. And lastly, Kevin Cao was awarded a Certificate of Merit (3rd place) for his ‘zebra mimicry’ drawing.
We would like to congratulate all the children who participated for their efforts and all teachers involved, for their support.

Festival of Dance
This was another great Festival of Dance, with over ninety entrants and with a very high standard of performance, particularly in J3 and S2. Congratulations to all of those who took part, particularly the category winners.
‘Best of Festival’ was James Ellershaw (S4B). ‘Best Class Dance’ were (Juniors) J3C and (Seniors) S4Ba.

Spelling Bee
A big well done to our Spelling Bee champions last term, Zachary Obe (J2), Ashley Hamad (J3), Zara Kas (S1), Samuel Pang (S2), Niccolo Cavasino (S3) and Joshua Cook (S4).

Groves Public Speaking Trophy
A big well done to our Spelling Bee champions last term, Aryan Shaikh (J2), Alessandro Meliti (J3), Neev Manek (S1), Zain Pala (S2), Sofeen Siddiqui (S3) and Demi Alli (S4).

New Responsibilities in School this Term
Athletics Captain: Demi Alli and Naysa Nganje
Cricket Captain: Arnav Kadirehally
Rounders Captain: Aariya Khosla and Hari Kumarappan
Skiing Captain: Nicholas Barenbrug

Primary Maths Challenge
Last term, seven pupils from S4 completed the Primary Maths Challenge with two winning silver medals and three winning bronze medals. Well done to all that competed.

Pangea Maths Competition
Last term, S2 competed in a new maths competition, Pangea. Five children were selected to take part in the final stage of the competition which will be held in London on Saturday, 12 May. Good luck to them.

Well done to S4 (Yr 6) for their particular successes at Secondary transfer this year and their continued hard work. Scholar’s ties last term were awarded in recognition of outstanding academic and sporting achievement in external Secondary Transfer examinations and we now also have the final outcomes of Independent School entrance examinations. We are particularly proud of our S4 pupils gaining five places to Sevenoaks School. Offers also include four places to Eltham College (including a scholarship), three to Colfe’s (including a scholarship), three to Bromley High, three to Radnor House (including an Exhibition), Farringtons (including a Sports Scholarship) along with places to Brighton College, St Catherine’s, Bramley (Exhibition) and Walthamstow Hall (Exhibition).
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