Merton Court Preparatory School
Autumn 2017

Date: Tuesday 20 September 2017
Sport: Cross Country
Opposition: various schools from all over the Kent
Year Group: S3- S4
Venue: Godinton House and Gardens, Ashford
S3 Boys: Harrison, Max
S3 Girls: Emily
S4 Boys: Demi, Luca
S4 Girls: Ruby, Naysa, Niamh

S3 Boys: Harrison 8th, Max 17th
S3 Girls: Emily 4th
S4 Boys: Demi 5th, Luca 20th
S4 Girls: Niamh 9th, Naysa 19nd, Ruby 22th

Player(s) of the match: Demi, Emily
Captains: Luca, Niamh

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