Merton Court Preparatory School
Spring 2017

Date: Wednesday 8 March
Sport: Cross Country
Opposition: Farringtons, Colfe's, Breaside, Blackheath High, Hextable Primary School, Babington House, Blackheath Prep, St. Dunstan's, Bishop Challoner
Year Group: S1- S4
Venue: Farringtons
S1 Boys: Charles, Oliver D, Artie, Herbie
S1 Girls: Evie Gannon, Sloane Joseph, Ciara Carroll, Ella Fay
S2 Boys: George, Max, Mahaan, Sam
S2 Girl: Chase, Cliona, Amber, Simar
S3 Boys: Demi, Bhavandeep, Luca, Zhechko
S3 Girls: Ruby, Naysa, Niamh, Jenni
S4 Boys: Toby, Jake, Max, Nathan
S4 Girls: Gabrielle, Ella, Katie, Isabelle L
S1: Charles 1st, Oliver 2nd, Artie 3rd, Evie 2nd, Ciara 6th
S3: Niamh 5th,
S4: Max 1st, Gabrielle 5th

Date: Tuesday 28 February
Sport: Cross Country Relays
Opposition: St. Dunstan's, Farringtons, Blackheath High, St. Olave's, Blackheath Prep, Rosemead, Oakfield
Year Group: S1- S4
Venue: St. Dunstan's
S1 Boys: Charles, Oliver Delamain, William, Herbie
S1 Girls: Evie, Ciara, Alicia, Sloane
S2 Boys: George, Mahaan, Brandon, Efe
S2 Girl: Chase, Amber Moore, Simar, Cliona

S1 boys 1st
S1 girls 7th
S2 boys 8th
S2 girls 7th
Player(s) of the match: Charles, William, Herbie, Efe

Captains: ---

Date: Monday 6 February 2017
Opposition: 15 other schools
Year Group: S3-S4
Venue: Frewen College
S3 Boys: Demi, Bhavandeep, Kevin
S4 Boys: Toby, Zeka, Max, Michael T,
Max 3rd , Toby 16th , Demi 37th , Kevin 39th , Zeka 46th , Bhavandeep 48th, Michael T 78th

Player(s) of the match: Max

Captains: Max

Date: Saturday 12 November
Sport: Kent Junior Schools Cross Country Championships
Opposition: 90 schools from Kent County
Year Group: S1, S2, S3, S4 boys and girls
Venue: Detling

Squads :
S1 boys: Oliver Delamain
S1 girls: Evie Gannon, Alicia Ambler, Ella Fay, Sloane Joseph, Ciara Carroll
S2 boys: Max Postlethwaite, Brandon Nathan
S2 girls: Chase Collard, Amber Moore
S3 boys: Demi Alli, Luca Cambden, Zhechko Zhelyazkov,
S3 girls: Ruby Burrowes, Niamh Cartwright
S4 boys: Toby Barenbrug, Zeka Enver, Nathan McCready, Max Capamagian
S4 girls: Gabrielle Odey Aru
Evie Gannon 32nd, Alicia Ambler 53rd , Ella Fay 58th , Sloane Joseph 64th , Ciara Carroll 68th
Max Postlethwaite 77th, Brandon Nathan 89th
Amber Moore 66th, Chase Collard 96th
Luca Cambden 26th , Demi Alli 58th, Zhechko Zhelyazkov 59th, Jack Eagle 125th
Niamh Cartwright 90th, Ruby Burrowes 99th
Max Capamagian 9th, Nathan McCready 26th, Toby Barenbrug 58th, Zeka Enver 77th
Gabrielle Odey Aru 67th
Exceptional performance: Max Capamagian, Luca Cambden and Nathan McCready
Captain: Max Capamagian

Date: Wednesday 2 November
Sport: Cross Country Relays
Year Group: S3 S4
Venue: MC
Squad: S3- Naysa, Niamh, Jenni, Ruby.
Bhavandeep, Luca, Zhechko, Demi.
S4- Katie, Gabrielle, Ella, Patricia.
Zeka, Jake, Max, Toby.

Results: S3 Girls 7th/10
S3 Boys 2nd/8
S4 Girls 8th/10
S4 Boys 5th/8

Player(s) of the match: S3 boys team- Bhavandeep, Luca, Zhechko, Demi

Captain (s): Ella, Max

Date: Friday 23 September

Opposition: Farringtons, Colfe's, Breaside, Blackheath High, St. Olave's, St. Christopher's, Babington House, Blackheath Prep
Year Group: S1- S4
Venue: Farringtons
S1 Boys: Charles Holland, Oliver Delamain, Artie Hall, Tom Eagle
S1 Girls: Evie Gannon, Sloane Joseph, Ciara Carroll, Ella Fay
S2 Boys: George Piper, Max Postlethwaite, Mahaan Lidder, Brandon Nathan
S2 Girl: Chase Collard, Ayo Ogunremi, Amber Moore, Simar Sandhu
S3 Boys: Demi Alli, Bhavandeep Manak, Luca Cambden, Jack Eagle
S3 Girls: Ruby Burrowes, Anjola Pratt, Naysa Nganje
S4 Boys: Toby Barenbrug, Zeka Enver, Jake Chea, Max Capamagian
S4 Girls: Lucy McNulty, Gabrielle Odey Aru, Ella Chesmejoui-Walford, Patricia Hordiychuk
S1: Charles Holland 1st, Oliver Delamain 4th, Artie Hall 5th , Evie Gannon 3rd
S4: Max Capamagian 4th, Jake Chea 5th
Player(s) of the match: C

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