Merton Court Preparatory School
Summer 2017

Date: Wednesday 14 June 2017
Opposition: Babington House
Year Group: S2
Venue: Babington House

Alyssa, Chase, Maisie, Amber, Chloe, Ashiya, Cliona, Lyra, Emily

Merton Court 6 ½ - 4 Babington House

Player(s) of the match: Maisie

Captain: Ashiya

Date: Monday 6 June 2017
Sport: Rounders tournament
Opposition: Breaside, Farringtons, St. Dunstan’s, St. Christopher’s, Sydenham High, Royal Russel, James Allen’s Girls’ School
Year Group: S2
Venue: St. Dunstan’s
Alyssa, Chase, Maisie, Amber, Chloe, Fifi, Ashiya, Kiana, Lyra, Emily
Group A: Merton Court 4 ½ - 4 ½ St. Dunstan’s
Merton Court 6 ½ - 6 Royal Russel
Merton Court 4 - 4 JAP’s
Merton Court 8 - 1 Sydenham High
Merton Court finished 1st in the group A, so the girls played in the final against the winner in the group B.
Merton Court 1 ½ - St. Christopher’s 4 ½
Merton Court finished on 2nd place in overall.
Player(s) of the match: Lyra
Captain: Chloe

Date: Wednesday 24 May
Sport: Rounders
Opposition: Breaside
Year Group: S4
Venue: home
A team: Lizzy, Lucy M, Isabelle L, Tanvi, Menaal, Mariya, Naomi, Lara, Alice
B team: Ruby, Ella, Mia, Sienna, Lucy P, Isabelle B, Patricia, Hannah, Gabrielle, Elise
A team: Merton Court 3 ½ - 11 ½ Breaside
B team: Merton Court 6 - 9 ½ Breaside

Player(s) of the match:
A team: Lizzy
B team: Ella
A team: Lizzy
B team: Ruby

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