Merton Court Preparatory School
Spring 2018

Date: Friday 23rd February 2018
Sport: Duathlon
Opposition: Farringtons, Colfe’s, Breaside, St. Dunstan’s
Year Group: S3 " S4
Venue: Farringtons
S4: Kevin - Zhechko, Jack " Demi, Nico C " Luca, James E " James C
Anjola " Niamh, Ruby " Naysa, Gianna " Jenni, Emma - Tahlia
S3: Max " Harrison, James B " Sam C, Brandon " Mahaan, Hudson " Efe
Maisie " Emily, Isabella " Evie G, Ashiya " Amber, Chase - Cliona
Y5 Boys: Max " Harrison in overall finished 1st
Y5 Girls: Maisie " Emily in overall finished 1st
Y6 Boys: Kevin " Zhechko in overall finished 1st
Y6 Girls: Anjola " Niamh in overall finished 1st
From 16 races all together our school won 10 races. Big well done to all children, they all were fantastic!

Player(s) of the match: Kevin " Zhechko, Anjola " Niamh, Max " Harrison, Maisie - Emily

Date: Sunday 14 January 2018
Sport: Kent Sportshall Athletics Decathlon
Opposition: Primary Schools all over the Kent
Year Group: S3 �" S4
Venue: Stour Centre, Ashford

S4: Demi, Zhechko, Luka, Anjola, Niamh, Ruby
S3: Harrison, Max, Emily

Demi 10th, Zhechko 13th, Max 30th, Luca 36th, Harrison 37th
Ruby 12th, Emily 13th, Niamh 29th, Anjola 46th

Awards: Gold: Demi
Silver: Zhechko, Ruby, Emily
Bronze: Niamh, Max, Luca, Harrison
Step 9: Anjola

Player(s) of the match: Demi

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