Merton Court Preparatory School
Summer 2017

Date: 20 May
Sport: Swimming
Opposition: SE region
Year Group: Y5, Y6
Venue: Guilford Spectrum
Squad: Jack, Kevin, Demi, James E, Luca, Michael T, Isabelle L, Lucy M, Ella, Anjola

Boys Medley Relay team qualified for nationals in 3rd place.
Boys Freestyle team came 8th in the final.
Girls Freestyle team finished 9th

Date: 25 May
Sport: Swimming
Opposition: Farringtons, Breaside
Year Group: Y5, Y6
Venue: Merton Court
Squad:Y5- Jack, Luca, James E, Nico C, James C, Ruby, Amy, Anjola, Gianna, Niamh.
Y6- Michael T, Toby, Josh, Demi, Ella, Lucy M, Mia, Isabelle L.

1st MC- 101pts
2nd Farringtons- 94pts
3rd Breaside- 38pts

Player(s) of the match:
Isabelle, Michael

Captain (s): Isabelle L

Date: 16.3.17
Sport: Swimming
Opposition: Colfe's, Eltham College
Year Group: S1-S4
Venue: Colfe's
S1- James B, Tom, Oliver W, Artie, Leo, Ciara, Evie, Sloane, Alicia.
S2- Max, Sam C, Hudson, Brandon, Efe, Chloe, Isabella, Chase, Amber, Ella F
S3- Kevin, Jack, Luca, Demi, Nico C, Ruby B, Emma, Amy, Maisie.
S4- Michael To, Jake, Robbie, Jack, Toby, Isabelle, Ella, Katie, Ruby M, Anjola


1st- Colfe's Gold
2nd- Merton Court
3rd- Colfe's Blue


1st- Colfe's Gold
2nd- Merton Court
3rd- Eltham College
4th- Colfe's Blue

Player(s) of the match: Ella F(School record- 25m Butterfly)

Captain (s): Isabelle, Robbie

Date: 23 February
Sport: Swimming
Opposition: Breaside and Farrington's
Year Group: S3, S4
Venue: MC
Squad: S3- Kevin, Jack, James, Demi, Luca, Nico C, Anjola, Gianna, Emma, Ruby, Amy
S4- Robbie, Jake, Toby, Josh, Michael, Lucy M, Mia, Ruby, Katie.

Results: 1st- MC 97pts
2nd- Fa 74pts
3rd- Br 51pts

Player(s) of the match: Nico, Katie. Kevin- New School Record Y5 IM

Captain (s): Robbie

Date: 2/2/17
Opposition: Colfe's Yellow/Blue/Gold, Farringtons
Year Group: S1, S2
Venue: Colfe's
Squad: S1-Alicia, Sloane, Evie, Ella, Ciara, Oliver, Artie, Leo, James, Tom
S2-Chase, Isabella, Amber, Maisie, Ayda, Arda, Brandon, Sam, Max, Archie.

Results: 1st- Merton Court
2nd-Colfe's Gold
3rd-Colfe's Blue
5th-Colfe's Yellow

Player(s) of the match: Max, Ella

Date: Thursday 1 December
Opposition: Colfe's, Farringtons, Braeside, Eltham College, Bickley.
Year Group: S1, S2
S1- Ella, Evie, Ciara, Sloane, James, Leo, Tom, Herbie.
S2- Maisie, Isabella, Amber, Ayda, Max, Brandon, Sam, Hudson

1st- 64 pts Merton Court
2nd- 61 pts Colfe's
3rd- 37 pts Farringtons
4th- 19 pts Braeside
1st- 90 pts Merton Court
2nd- 82 pts Colfe's
3rd- 79 pts Bickley
4th- 58 pts Eltham College
5th- 40 pts Farringtons
6th- 29 pts Braeside

Player(s) of the match: Evie, Sam

Date: 29 September
Year Group: 4/5/6
Venue: Colfe's
Y4 - Maisie, Isabella, Amber, Chase, Sam, Max, Hudson, Brandon.
Y5 � Anjola, Gianna, Ruby, Emma, Jack, Demi, Kevin, Luca.
Y6 � Ella, Lucy, Isabelle, Mia, Robbie, Michael T., Jake, Joshua.

1st- Colfe's Gold 220pts
2nd - Merton Court 214pts
3rd - Farringtons 158pts
4th - Oakfield 140pts
5th - Breaside 101pts
6th - Colfe's Blue 95pts

Player(s) of the match:

Captain (s):
Isabelle, Robbie

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