Merton Court Preparatory School
Our Whole-School Patchwork Poem
Shoes squeak like mice on the cold hard floor.
People sit in rows like washing on a line.
I hear staff telling children "Don't make a sound!"
I see people wearing red blazers like poppies in a row.
All I can feel is rock hard floor, legs crossed
But that is our assembly here at Merton Court.
Then we say good morning to the teachers.
I have a teacher – she makes us learn our tables,
My teacher is nice, my teacher is cool!
Homework can be fun; spellings are a chore!
Some lessons are fun, I like multiplication.
We like to swim when the weather is hot
Fish with fins, cannot compare to our swimming day.
My friends are boys, my friends are girls.
As the bell rings Ding! Ding! Ding!
Rumble, rumble like a volcano, everyone dashes out.
Boys kick the ball, it goes swish,
Girls shoot the netball, then it goes thud
As it hits someone in the face.
Chatter as girls gossip about their day.
Rhythmic tapping of a rope as a girl skips,
The teachers gobble down their cakes from the staff room.
The creaking of the swings.
The shriek of the girls being chased by the boys.
The marching of the children into the dining hall,
The buzz of excitement as the children love the look of lunch.
The grumble of my tummy, like an avalanche cascading.
The exciting buzz as we walk in, like a swarm of locusts.
The clanging of people getting cutlery.
The Clinking of a knife and fork as I get ready to eat,
Glug! The person next to me takes a drink.
The tapping of the cutlery on the plate
The chiming of the bell to tell people to be quiet.
The splash of water being poured in a jug
The clang of people dropping their knives and forks
The ding a ling of the bell,
When the teacher tells you to say grace.
Then we are disturbed
by the shouting of the whistle.
Ssssssh as the teacher gets the
disappointed students to walk back to class in silent lines
on the left, the way traffic flows.
The screeching of the chairs as the children slouch into their seats
Mrs Saunders dances round, then she has a rest,
Mr Reece sings well, Mr Brightwell saves our lives!
History is cool, science can be amazing…
Hometime is best of all!

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