Merton Court Preparatory School
October's Sea of Red

Bright, sunny morning,
A sight to behold.
Bright, flushed cheeks,
The breeze is bold.

From school to church -
A five minute walk.
A sea of red blazers
And lots of talk!

S3 and S4
Are leading the way
By holding the hands
Of their prodigy.

All smart and neat,
Ushering the children
Down the street.

Festival of Harvest
The spirit is nice.
And, always last,
Is Mr.Price.

I was there
Five years ago.
I watch from my window
A fabulous show.

Harvest Festival
And my sea of red
It's a warm and thoughtful
Tear I shed.

Now I'm just
A resident's view.
Merton Court
I'm very proud of you.

Lorraine Coombes (mother of George Coombes - MCS - 2001-2008)
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