Merton Court Preparatory School
Spring 2018
Monday 12/03
Staff Meeting, 8.05am
S2 Netball v Breaside (a), 2.30pm
S1/2 Football v St Christopher's (h), 2.30pm
S2 Parents' Evening

Tuesday 13/03
S2 Netball Tournament at Blackheath Prep, 2-4pm

Wednesday 14/03
LT Meeting, 7.50am
Science Sampling
S3/4 Football at Farringtons (a), 3.20pm
S3 Girls Fun Hockey at Breaside, 2pm
S2 Parents' Evening

Thursday 15/03
Festival of Dance
J1: 9am
J2: 9.15am
J3: 9.40am
S1: 10.05am
S2: 10.50am
S3: 11.20am
S4: 1.45pm
S3 Choreography: 2.30pm
S4 Choreography: 2.45pm

Friday 16/03
Festival of Dance - Class Events
Juniors - 1.40pm
Seniors - 2.15pm

Staff Meeting, 8.05am

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