Merton Court Preparatory School
Our Pupils

"I like all of the after school clubs because there is a big range."

"The fact that all children have an opportunity to try new things every day. Also I really enjoy the trips as they are very fun and it gives us a chance to learn more about other people. I particularly enjoy my piano lessons, dance and sport, as the teachers are very encouraging and make you want to work hard. I wouldn't like to change anything in our school as I think that all pupils enjoy
coming here and it is a very good school to be taught at."

"I like all the fields and the new building and the school trips we go on like Downe, France and Spain and how the school balances academic and pastoral activities."

"Everyone is very nice and friendly and everyone gets a good chance at everything."

"The sport teachers are very encouraging and they know what they are doing."

"Thank you for helping me get through the years of Merton Court and making me the best I can be! I would not have any good grades if I did not go to Merton Court and get the support and encouragement to pass my 11+"

"When you do not understand something you can ask a teacher and if you still do not understand they will do it as many times as you want."

"I like it that everyone is so welcoming and understanding and that you can easily talk to staff."

"Thank you very much for my scholarship to Merton Court. I have really enjoyed the last 3 years. I think Merton Court has made me more ready for Secondary School than any other school could have."

"You have given me the best possible start."

"Thanks for all the help getting me to the stage I am at now. Merton Court will always be a very special place."

"It is a school where I feel safe talking to staff."

"Merton Court is like a second home and I know everyone here."

"I've had a great start at Merton Court. I have enjoyed the last few years I have been here. I've made lots of friends and have been very happy. Looking forward to my new school."

"Thank you for all you have done for me during my time at Merton Court. I have really enjoyed it. Thanks for giving me a chance to do things. I will never forget you!"

"You have made my time here so perfect, taught us all how to love and respect each other. No other can make a school feel like a home and friends feel like family except for you."

"The one thing I feel is most important is for me to say thank you. I would not be in the same position in life, as I am now, if I had not had the privilege of being a student at Merton Court. The more and more I look back on my time there, the more I come to appreciate what came from it. Merton Court is a true success, any pupil should feel honoured to be part of it, just as I was and to this very day, still am. It is great to hear that the school has reached its 110th anniversary and I hope for it to go on even longer."

"I can't believe that it is my time to leave Merton Court. I guess time really does fly when you're having fun. I am going to miss you and the school".

"That when you come to school you feel very at home".

"I like that we get to go away and we get to try lots of different things".

"It is like a big family and if you are upset about anything you know you can go to any teacher. I also think it's a happy environment to be in".

"If I had to change one thing it would be to make Merton Court into a Secondary School so we won't have to leave".

"I like how you don't get left out. I enjoy games because if you are not brilliant at a sport you can still take part".

"I have enjoyed my time at Merton Court as it is a great school".

"The thing I like the most is the support and friendliness of the teachers and staff".

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