Merton Court Preparatory School
Our Parents
"It is always a pleasure coming to Merton Court. I always leave feeling very loved and supported. Please extend my thanks to Mr Price and the teachers this morning for a warm and welcoming start as a new parent to the school."

"The warmth and family atmosphere but the one thing that sold the school for us on our first visit were the children that showed us around they were very polite, confident and happy children.
It is perfect in every way. Merton court is a wonderful school, our children are leaving well educated, confident and most of all happy children."

"The school brings out the best in each child whether this is an academic, creative or sporting ability. Every child is valued as an individual. A big 'thank you' for giving our son the best possible start to his school life."

"It harbours a wonderful caring environment. Merton Court is an amazing school which has mastered the alchemy of gaining the academic best from a child whilst at the same time, providing them with a loving environment. Amazing pastoral care too."

"Children are disciplined and well behaved. Academic achievements are valued and recognised.
There are a variety of compulsory activities-class singing, dancing , as well as festivals."

"Strong on academic however expects children to be well rounded and competitive. They are given responsibility and wide variety of exposure to different sports and experiences. I really believe the school is great and does a great job with the children; they leave academically advanced and well –rounded, well behaved children."

"The website is teeming with information so I have all the information I need at any given time.
Considering how different human beings are, Merton Court has managed to bring us all together and even accommodate us all. The love and unity amongst students, staff and parents is wonderful."

"Small classes, traditional values, plenty of pride! Good manners, good facilities, good preparation for senior school"

"School....well managed and professionally run."

"Staff from top down make themselves readily available and are very approachable."

"High expectations of behaviour (whilst allowing children to be children!)."

"This is a lovely school with great facilities and is a great place for my child - thank you!"

"The school has provided an environment in which his academic potential has flourished and has blended with increased personal confidence, life skills and sporting experiences second to none."

"My children are happy and enjoy school-confident little people-says a lot for the school!"

"We are impressed by the manners and discipline of the children."

"The class size and homely but firm atmosphere encourage independence and build self esteem."

"My children have benefitted enormously at Merton Court. They have been given an all round education,one that has prepared them for Secondary School very well."

"Our children(and us vicariously) have experienced wonderful years at your school. Thank you so much for giving them your support."

"At C's last school she would often say homework is too easy and would ask for harder work. Merton Court is stretching C at times almost to the limit-but she is thriving on it."

"Merton Court is our extended family. We trust you 100% with our children's well-being and they come home from school happy. What more could we ask for?"

"I like the welcoming feeling I get when I enter the school playground. I like the fact that my child runs into school and always tells me he's had a good day, at the end of each day when I collect him."

"The school benefits greatly from the Friends of Merton Court, small classes, supportive teachers and good facilities."

"I cannot praise the Early Years department enough. What a fantastic team."

"Our primary aim when we transferred 2 years ago was academic success, but the school has given him much more than that: He is more confident, outgoing and generally a more rounded individual. For this we can't thank the school enough. You're doing a great job."

"It was lovely to see the children become so enthusiastic whilst informing us all about the things they have learned in class. This is very creative way to have the children look more deeply into their work and is enjoyable for parents too."

"Merton Court has provided a wonderful enriching environment for ..... to grow as a person, not just academically but most importantly holistically. She has enjoyed and experienced a whole host of extra curriculum activities. The opportunities at Merton Court have been vast and ... has grasped every one. The foundations you lay have enabled her to soar, but always keeping two feet on the ground. Mr Price under your leadership and direction Merton Court School is truly extraordinary and we feel privileged that our girls have had such an amazing educational start in life. As a family we have enjoyed feeling part of the Merton Court family and we know we shall miss you all."

"I firmly believe a child's Primary School years are the most important and formative ones of their lives and the experiences and opportunities Merton Court provides for its children are in my view beyond what any parent could hope for. Moreover, the warmth and sense of welcoming every time one visits the school gives it a family feel and I for one will miss this greatly."

"Our thanks for all the love and support you have shown her during her time at school. Thank you is too small a word to convey our heartfelt gratitude to you for caring for our precious daughter. You are simply the best."

"The dedication and perserverance of the teachers are real assets to Merton Court."

"Thank you to everyone that has made MCS membership such a rewarding time. The school has been such a fantastic place to be part of."

"My children have had the opportunity of being taught by excellent teacher."

"Focus on respect for others and discipline. Each child is encouraged to fulfil their academic potential and many opportunities are available to each pupil to participate in a wide range of extracurricular activities which help to develop skills which will prove useful in secondary (skills) school. My children have been supported and encouraged at Merton Court and have had a good, strong work ethic instilled in them."

"Children are educated in a caring environment with Traditional values. My son has had the most amazing opportunities during his time at Merton Court and he is now a confident, well rounded child ready for his next step".

"(Your school) Develops a strong work ethic, self motivated pupils who are confident to take part in all aspects of school life."

"Discipline is firm but fair."

"Our son has been extremely happy at MC and has matured into a thoughtful, confident boy. The high quality of teaching has ensured that he has reached his potential and more - thank you."

"Everything. I can honestly say that this school has been a wonderful foundation/building block for my son in every way."

"I have been at MC for 8 years and I have seen my daughter develop into a well educated, responsible, kind and caring young lady. I believe MC has helped to bring out these qualities in her. My daughter requests that it is extended to a Secondary School."

"I like that it provides my child with the ability to participate in all kinds of activities not just education. He can partake in sport, drama, music. The curriculum is varied and interesting. I love the school and my children are encouraged to be independent, caring and polite. I am very happy and would recommend to friends."

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