Date: Monday 19th June 2023

Sport: ISA National Athletics Finals

Year Group: S2, S3, S4

Venue: Alexander Stadium, Birmingham



S4: Ashley, Rafi

S3: James, Jessie

S2: Georgia



Georgia 1st 600m

Ashley 2nd Long Jump, Jessie 2nd Long Jump

Rafi 8th 600m, James 13th 600m


Player(s) of the match: Ashley, Jessie, Georgia



Date: Thursday 18th May 2023

Sport: ISA London South Athletics Championships

Opposition: 22 schools from South- East Region

Year Group: S2, S3, S4

Venue: Excel Sports hub, Walton-on-Thames

The event was organised by Weston Green School.


S4: Max, Danny, Rafi, Ashley, Isaac, Gretchen, Evie, Olivia, Imani

S3: James, Callum, Amrit, Luca, Chinweoke, Sanaya, Jessie, Tomi

S2: Adrian, Milo, Alex, Billy, Georgia, Olivia, Sophie, Serena


S4: Track events: Rafi 1st 600m, 2nd Ashley 80m, Danny 2nd 150m, Danny 4th 80m, Max 6th 150m

Field events: Ashley 1st Long Jump, Rafi 10th High Jump, Gretchen 8th High Jump, Isaac 5th Shot Put and 11th Ball Throw, Imani 9th Ball Throw and 11th Shot Put, Evie 13th Long Jump.

S3: Track events: James 2nd 600m and 3rd 75m

Field events Jessie 1st Long Jump, Callum 6th Ball Throw, Lucas 7th Long Jump, Chinweoke 9th Ball Throw

S2: Track events: Georgia 2nd 600m

Field events: Serena 2nd Ball Throw, Alex 3rd Ball Throw, Sophie 10th Long Jump, Milo 11th Long Jum


Player(s) of the match: Rafi, Ashley, Jessie

Captains: Danny and Imani


Ashley, Rafi, Jessie, James, and Georgia have qualified for the ISA Nationals Championships in Birmingham on Monday 19th June to represent London South Region.



Date: Friday 23rd February 2018
Sport: Duathlon
Opposition: Farringtons, Colfe’s, Breaside, St. Dunstan’s
Year Group: S3 ” S4
Venue: Farringtons
S4: Kevin – Zhechko, Jack ” Demi, Nico C ” Luca, James E ” James C
Anjola ” Niamh, Ruby ” Naysa, Gianna ” Jenni, Emma – Tahlia
S3: Max ” Harrison, James B ” Sam C, Brandon ” Mahaan, Hudson ” Efe
Maisie ” Emily, Isabella ” Evie G, Ashiya ” Amber, Chase – Cliona


Y5 Boys: Max ” Harrison in overall finished 1st
Y5 Girls: Maisie ” Emily in overall finished 1st
Y6 Boys: Kevin ” Zhechko in overall finished 1st
Y6 Girls: Anjola ” Niamh in overall finished 1st
From 16 races all together our school won 10 races. Big well done to all children, they all were fantastic!


Player(s) of the match: Kevin ” Zhechko, Anjola ” Niamh, Max ” Harrison, Maisie – Emily


Date: Sunday 14 January 2018
Sport: Kent Sportshall Athletics Decathlon
Opposition: Primary Schools all over the Kent
Year Group: S3 ” S4
Venue: Stour Centre, Ashford
S4: Demi, Zhechko, Luka, Anjola, Niamh, Ruby
S3: Harrison, Max, Emily


Demi 10th, Zhechko 13th, Max 30th, Luca 36th, Harrison 37th
Ruby 12th, Emily 13th, Niamh 29th, Anjola 46th


Awards: Gold: Demi
Silver: Zhechko, Ruby, Emily
Bronze: Niamh, Max, Luca, Harrison
Step 9: Anjola


Player(s) of the match: Demi