Frequently Asked Questions

What are the school’s hours?

The playground is open and supervised from 8.15am. School begins at 8.45am with Registration and Assembly and finishes between 3.00pm and 3.35pm depending on the yeargroup. Breakfast Club is open from 7.30am to 8.15 am, in the School Dining Room and is charged at £5.00 with Breakfast and £4.00 without. After School Club runs from 3.15pm to 5.30 pm and is charged at £3.50 per half hour with a late fee of £20.00 every 15 mins. Telephone Number: 020 8269 6898. We do ask all parents to ensure their child is collected promptly to avoid costly fines for late collection.


What is the school uniform?

Children take pride in their red uniform which must be worn to, from and in school. Our uniform supplier is Oz, 6 Chatsworth Parade, Petts Wood, Orpington BR5 1DF. Telephone number 01689 824767 email:


Is there a House system?

On entry to School, your child will be allocated to either Merton, Modern or School House. There is a system of house merits for competing in friendly rivalry in sport, general good work, behaviour and good manners.


What happens at lunchtime?

All our children have the opportunity to enjoy  a school lunch in our dedicated dining room. We are passionate  about the provenance of  the food provided by our in-house catering team. This team ensures a home-cooked approach that enables children to make balanced and healthy food choices. These meals are prepared and cooked in our own kitchens by caring and thoughtful staff who know our children well. We have a main meal, vegetarian option, salad, with a dessert and fruit option. Menus are available under our Parents section of the website.  In special circumstances, packed lunches are allowed if accompanied by a Doctor’s note.


Please be assured that all meat used in our home-cooked meals here at School, comes from a local reputable supplier. We purchase all our meat from Carnivore, Sidcup, Kent. All beef joints and mince meat provided by them for us is English reared and has full traceability. Our vegetables are from Fig & Fennel in Pratt’s Bottom.  Fig & Fennel provide us with home-grown fresh farm produce offering a wealth of seasonal fruit and vegetables.  All their packaging is bio-degradable which also fits well with our eco-vision at Merton Court.


How do we access School Policies?

Some School policies may be viewed on our website and are available to download. These include policies on: Safeguarding and Whistleblowing. All other policies are available on request from the school office.


Important contact information:

Main telephone Number 020 8300 2112.


Mrs Macdonald, Direct Line: 020 8300 2112 ext.204


Admissions Direct Line: 020 8300 2112 ext. 208

Nursery Voucher queries:


How often do we receive feedback?

We offer an ‘Open Door’ policy here for Parents to discuss their child’s progress. Children from J1-S4 receive written Termly Reports, along with regular formal year group Parents’ afternoons/evenings. Early Years receive reports in the Autumn and Summer terms and Parents’ afternoons/evenings. Assessment begins in EY and continues throughout a child’s school life. Children are formally assessed in Core Subjects (English, Maths & Science) on a termly basis.


On what days does my child wear tracksuits?

A yeargroup newsletter is sent out at the beginning of the term, clearly stating activities and the appropriate clothing your child should wear on each day.


How do I access the Parents’ Section of the School website?

To access the ‘Parents’ section of our website, click on the ‘Parents’ tab to the right side of the main website.  You will need a password which is available on request from the School Office.


Can my child learn to play a musical instrument?

Yes. We offer individual and group violin, cello, piano, trombone, trumpet, drums, guitar, and singing lessons. Costs are available from Mrs Faye Tyler, Music Coordinator. Children in J3 receive free group tuition in recorder and children in S1 receive free group tuition in violin.


Is there homework?

Yes, homework is sent home weekly in J1 and daily from J2 upwards. Approximately 20-30 minutes a night for children in J3-S1. 30 minutes building to 45 minutes for children in S2 and S3.  S4 receive up to 60 minutes of homework per day.


Pastoral Care?

Discipline here is firm and fair. All our pupils are encouraged to develop good manners and show consideration and respect for each other and for adults. Form teachers have responsibility for the immediate pastoral care of children in their class. Mrs Macdonald is our Pastoral Care Co-ordinator and is available for any concerns/problems which either you or your child may experience during their school life. Mrs Macdonald also inducts new families into the School to help them settle in.


Classroom support?

Dr K Faulds is our Additional Learning Support Coordinator (ALSCo).  She is available to offer assessments for children requiring extra help along with information for parents. Extra assistance may be provided in a range of ways depending on a child’s individual needs. This may attract an additional cost.


Is there a Holiday Club?

Yes. We offer an Easter Playscheme for one week and Summer Playscheme for four weeks.  Playscheme is run by our own staff on site.


Do we accept childcare vouchers?

Yes. We accept all childcare vouchers and they may be used to pay school fees, before and after school fees and Playscheme.


Are we part of the Government Nursery Voucher System?

Yes. Children are eligible from the term after their third birthday to the term of their fifth birthday.


How do I register for entry to School?

Please contact our admissions team on 020 8300 2112 or use our registration form which is enclosed in our school prospectus.


Does the School follow the National Curriculum?

Yes. We offer a very broad and balanced curriculum with many Foundation Subjects taught by Subject Specialists.


Does the School provide Extra Curricular activities?

Yes. A wide range of before, during and after school activities are available to all children. For further details please consult the School website and termly school calendar.