Reception (J1)

Reception (J1)

Having spent an academic year in Early Years our children make a seamless transition into J1(Reception) and the final stage of their EYFS journey.


The children’s curriculum is divided into the following seven areas of learning, with many lessons and activities being cross-curricular:

  •  Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  •  Physical Development
  •  Communication and Language
  •  Literacy
  •  Mathematics
  •  Understanding the World
  •  Expressive Arts and Design

Literacy and Maths are covered daily both through structured, stimulating lessons and informally through many of the children’s self-selected or adult-led activities.


Science, History, Geography and RE come under the area of Understanding the World and involve the children developing their understanding through practical exploration, formal activities and guest speakers who are often parents.


Regular daily Circle Times ensure the children become self-confident and self-aware and learn the skills they need to become actively involved in the world around them.


Forest School, Music, MFL, Dance, PE, Games and Computing also form part of the children’s exciting curriculum and are delivered by specialist teachers.


All children in  J1 receive a termly written report as well as several Open Opportunities for parents to come in and discuss their child’s progress with  form teachers.


During our 2014 ISI Integrated Inspection, The Inspector reported that children’s progress within the EYFS is excellent and that our children “make excellent progress in relation to their starting points and capabilities – they make especially good progress with their phonic sounds and reading and development of cursive writing. Progress in mathematics is equally good.”



Remote Learning due to Covid-19 


Our revised Remote Learning Policy may be found in the ‘Policies’ section of our website.


We have carefully considered how to engage children in enjoyable learning, during any ’ Lockdown’.


We aim to ensure all children make the progress they would make while in school ; and to help parents support their children whilst they master hybrid or remote learning.


If a year group ‘bubble’ is required to go home or if we are required by Government to comply with a full lockdown, we provide a mixture of daily (3-5 hours) live and recorded, form teacher and specialist subject, online sessions.


Along with this , we supervise one to one reading and support individuals and groups, with oral and written work, using live communication with children (and where required, their parents).


Textbooks, printed materials and  exercise books are sent home regularly, in order to further support this online learning.