Educational Visits


Trips and Visits are usually the experiences we all recall from our own time at school: an opportunity to venture out and enjoy the world beyond the school gate. At Merton Court we strongly believe that, in an age when many schools are reducing the number of trips out, these visits enrich the children and their education. They are, in fact, fundamental to what we have to offer. We take delight in these opportunities away from the classroom. They not only enhance the children’s’ learning but also their understanding of themselves and the world in which they live.


The children involve themselves in diverse cultural and educational activities outside of the school, along with welcoming expert visitors into the school. These trips are extremely important for children of all ages. Day visits allow the children to become immersed in a topic, making learning relevant and exciting by inspiring imagination and creativity. Visits also enhance learning by allowing ideas to be developed in the classroom. At Merton Court, all year groups have these opportunities from EY to Year 6. Younger children begin with more local visits (Sidcup Library, Local places of interest, London Museums for example) while residential experiences start in Year 4 (Hilltop Outdoor Centre in Norfolk for one night) and continue into Year 5 (France for two nights) and Year 6 (Spain for five nights).