Results Spring 2018

Date: 21 January 2018
Sport: ISA National Finals-Swimming
Opposition: East Anglia, London West, North, Midlands, South West, London North
Year Group: S2 and S4
Venue: London Olympic Pool
Squad: Ciara Carroll, James Belton, Tom Eagle, Leo Jayasinghe, Oliver White, Kevin Cao, Demi Alli, Jack Eagle, James Ellershaw, Anjola Pratt, Niamh Cartwright and Gianna Du’Bell
*half colours


Ciara 2nd 50m Backstroke
James 1st 50m Backstroke
Leo 5th 50m Breaststroke
Y4 Boys Freestyle Relay 2nd
Demi 1st 50m Breaststroke
Kevin 1st 50m Freestyle
Jack 1st 50m Butterfly
Y6 Boys Medley Relay 1st
Y6 Boys Freestyle Relay 4th
Y6 Girls Freestyle Relay 7th
London South Juniors Won overall


Player(s) of the match: NA


Captain(s): James Ellershaw, Anjola Pratt


I received many compliments from people poolside regarding the children’s behaviour, dedication and skill. I am very proud of what they have achieved. Well done everyone. CW


ISA Finals
5 October 2017
Opposition: Colfe’s, Farringtons, Braeside, Bromley High
Year Group:S3 S4
Venue: Merton Court
A: S3-Maisie, Ashiya, Amber, Chloe, Max, Sam, Hudson, Brandon.
S4-Anjola, Ruby, Gianna, Emma, Kevin, Jack, Demi, Luca
B: S3-Isabella, Chase, Aydanur, Alyssa, Arda, Efe, Harrison, George.
S4-Naimh, Amy, Jenni, Aariya, James E, Nico C, James C, Nico B


1st Merton Court A 67
1st Bromley High 67
3rd Colfe’s 61
4th Farringtons 35
5th Merton Court B 30
6th Braeside 19

1st Merton Court A 53
1st Colfe’s 53
3rd Merton Court B 35
4th Farringtons 22
5th Braeside 17

1st Merton Court A 120
2nd Colfe’s 104
3rd Merton Court B 65
4th Farringtons 57
5th Braeside 36

Player(s) of the match: Harrison, Nico C


Captain(s): Anjola, James E