Date: Wednesday 8th November 2023

Opposition: Farringtons, Babington House, Colfe’s, St. Dunstan’s, Hextable Primary, St. Christopher’s, Croydon High School, Bromley High, Pointer’s, Blackheath Prep, Breaside

Year Group: S3 and S4


S4 Boys: William, Callum, James, Savva

S4 Girls: Emily, Ava, Jessie, Eleanor

S3 Boys: Alex, Adrian, Billy, Isaiah

S3 Girls: Georgia, Olivia, Serena, Eden



S3 Boys finished 8th

S3 Girls finished 3rd

S4 Boys finished 4th

S4 Girls finished 8th

Player(s) of the match: Olivia, Eden, Serena and Georgia

Captain:  Jessie



Date: Friday 13th October 2023

Opposition: Farringtons, St. Dunstan’s, Blackheath Prep, Blackheath High, St. Christopher’s, Colfe’s

Year Group: S2 – S4

Venue: Colfe’s


S2 Boys: Maxim, Luka, Rahul, Max

S2 Girls: Anushree, Amalia, Sofia S, Annabel

S3 Boys: Billy, Adrian, Alex, Charlie

S3 Girls: Georgia, Eden, Olivia, Maysa

S4 Boys: Adess, James, Luca, Savva

S4 Girls: Emily, Ella, Jessie, Amelia



S2 Boys: Maksim 1st, Max 2nd, Luka 5th, Rahul 28th

S2 Girls: Anushree 2nd, Amalia 5th, Sofia 26th, Annabel 29th

S3 Boys: Billy 12th, Charlie 24th, Adrian 25th, Alex 27th

S3 Girls: Olivia 25th, Eden 29th, Maysa 30th

S4 Boys: James 4th, Callum 14th, Savva 18th Adess 19th

S4 Girls: Jessie 1st, Emily 23rd, Ella 26th, Amelia 28th

S2 boys team finished 1st


Player(s) of the match: Maksim, Max, Anushree, Jessie


Captains:  Jessie and Adess



Date: Friday 12th May 2023

Opposition: Pointer’s School

Year Group: S1 – S4

Venue: Pointer’s School



S1 Girls: Anushree, Amalia, Sophia S, Ivy, Sienna

S1 Boys: Maxim, Luka, Max, Yuvraj, Oscar

S2 Girls: Georgia, Olivia, Poppy, Eva, Eden

S2 Boys: Billy, Alex, Milo, Adrian, Charlie

S3 Girls: Jessie, Sophia N, Ella, Sanaya, Emily

S3 Boys: Adess, Callum, Amrit, James, Kabir

S4 Girls: Gretchen, Olivia, Evie, Ava, Latika

S4 Boys: Ashley, Rafi, Louie A., Isaac, Max


Individual results:

S1: Anushree 1st, Maxim 1st, Amalia 2nd, Sophia 4th, Luka 5th, Max 6th, Yuvraj 8th, Ivy 8th, Oscar 10th, Sienna 10th

S2: Georgia 1st, Billy 2nd, Poppy 3rd, Eden 4th, Adrian 6th, Charlie 7th, Alex 8th, Milo 9th , Olivia 9th, Ava 10th

S3: James 1st , Jessie 1st , Callum 4th, Sanaya 5th, Adess 5th, Ella 7th, Amrit 8th, Emily 8th, Sophia 9th, Kabir 9th

S4: Rafi 1st , Ashley 2nd , Gretchen 2nd , Ava 3rd, Olivia 4th, Isaac 4th, Evie 5th, Max 5th, Latika 7th

Team results:

We won the overall prize.


Exceptional performance: Anushree, Maxim, Georgia, James, Jessie and Rafi


Captain: Rafi, Olivia




Date: Monday 13th March 2023

Opposition: Colfe’s, St. Dunstan’s, Alleyn’s, Blackheath Prep, Bromley High, Croydon High School, Rosemead, Oakfield Prep, Breaside, Eaton House

Year Group: S1

Venue: St. Dunstan’s


S1 Girls: Anushree, Amalia, Sophia S, Serah-Joseph

S1 Boys: Maxim, Luka, Max, Oscar

Team results:

S1 boys finished 4th.

S1 girls finished 3rd.

It was very windy afternoon therefore the children had to work very hard throughout the whole course. The effort and performance from all of them was amazing. Well done to you all!



Date: Wednesday 1st March 2023

Opposition: Farringtons, Babington House, Colfe’s, St. Dunstan’s, Hextable Primary School, Alleyn’s, Blackheath Prep, Bromley High,

Year Group: S1 – S4

Venue: Home


S1 Girls: Anushree, Amalia, Sophia S, Annabel

S1 Boys: Maxim, Luka, Max, Yuvraj

S2 Girls: Gerogia, Olivia, Poppy, Eva

S2 Boys: Billy, Alex, Milo, Adrian

S3 Girls: Jessie, Eleanor, Ella, Sanaya

S3 Boys: Adess, Callum, Luca, James

S4 Girls: Gretchen, Olivia, Zara, Ava

S4 Boys: Ashley, Rafi, Louie A., Isaac


Individual results:

S1: Anushree 1st, Maxim 1st, Amalia 5th, Luka 6th, Sofia 9th, Max 13th, Yuvraj 24th, Annabel 31st

S2: Georgia 1st, Billy 10th, Poppy 14th, Alex 20th , Adrian 26th, Milo 31st, Ava 31st

S3: James 3rd, Jessie 4th, Callum 14th, Sanaya 14th, Adess 18th, Ella 20th, Luka 27th, Eleanor 29th

S4: Rafi 2nd, Ashley 7th, Gretchen 12th, Isaac 16th, Louie A 18th, Olivia 24th, Ava 26th, Zara 29th


Team results:

S1 boys finished 1st, S1 girls finished 1st

S2 Boys finished 6th; S2 Girls finished 7th

S3 Boys finished 5th; S3 Girls finished 4th

S4 Boys finished 2nd; S4 Girls finished 7th


Exceptional performance: Anushree, Maxim, Georgia, James, Rafi


Captain: Rafi, Olivia

Well done to all our runners for showing great determination, perseverance, and teamwork throughout the afternoon.

We managed to win 3 gold medals, 1 silver and 1 bronze medal in individual results. In team results we won 2 events.

I would like to thank all parents who volunteered to help on the day.



Date: 06/02/2019

Sport: Football

Opposition: Eastcote Primary

Year Group: S3/S4

Venue: Merton Court (Rectory Arena)

Squad: Archie, Mahaan (2), Damien (2), George, Joshua, Harrison, Hudson, Oliver D (1), Artie, William.

Results: Won 5-0

Player of the match: Oliver D

Captain: Archie

A fantastic attacking display from the Merton Court boys. Pace men Harrison and Oliver caused problems for the Eastcote defence with their tireless work ethic and speed on the ball.

Oliver opened the scoring with a poacher’s finish; however, the Eastcote keeper managed to keep the score down to 1-0 up until the break.

Immediately from restart Merton Court were on the attack and throughout the half Damien and Mahaan were able to bag themselves a brace each to take the score to 5-0.

Eastcote did pile on the pressure as the game came to a close, with the home side looking to extend their tally and leaving themselves short in defence. Only for shot stopping skipper Archie to maintain concentration and keep a clean sheet with some heroic last ditch saves.

A great performance on a wide pitch. The Merton Court Boys march on to the next round of the Stuart Turpin Cup.


Date: 04/02/2019

Sport: Cross Country

Opposition: St Dunstan’s Relay

Year Group: S1/S2

Venue: Jubilee Sports Ground


Nini, Phoebe, Lilia, Carys

Isaac, Tommaso, Charlie, Harvey

Summer, Aoife, Hannah, Daphne

Joe B, Oscar, Josh, Joe C



S1 Girls – 9th

S1 Boys – 1st

S2 Girls – 2nd

S2 Boys – 3rd


Player(s) of the match: Isaac, Tommaso, Charlie, Harvey

A great performance from all runners who gave their all on a cold, wet and windy afternoon.

Date: Friday 28 September 2018

Opposition: St. Dunstan’s, Farringtons, Blackheath High, West Lodge, Colfe’s, Babington House, Breaside, Bromley High, St. Christopher’s, Poverest Primary School,  Blackheath Prep,

Year Group: S1- S4

Venue: Farringtons


S1 Boys: Charlie, Isaac, Tommaso, Elijah

S1 Girls: Aariya, Lilia, Nini, Phoebe

S2 Boys: Joe B, Joshua H, Joseph C, Gian

S2 Girls: Summer, Darcey, Daphne, Hannah

S3 Boys: Oliver Delamain, Artie, Herbie, Leo

S3 Girls: Evie, Toni, Ella, Amy

S4 Boys: Harrison, Brandon, Max, Joshua

S4 Girls: Emily, Amber, Cliona Isabella



Charlie 2nd, Elijah 7th, Tommaso 21st, Isaac 22nd

Lilia 26th, Phoebe 30t, Nini 31st, Aariya 32nd

Joseph 13th, Gian 24th, Josh 25th, Joe 28th

Summer 8th, Darcey 15th, Daphne 27th, Hannah 30th  

Oliver Delamain 1st, Artie 4th, Herbie 18th, Leo 29th

Evie 6th, Toni 28th, Ella 30th, Amy 34th

Harrison 1st, Max 9th, Brandon 21st, Joshua 26th

Emily 1st, Amber 32nd, Cliona 37th, Isabella 42nd


Player(s) of the match:

Charlie, Oliver, Harrison, Emily


Captains:  Harrison, Emily



Date: Monday 5 February 2018
Opposition: St. Dunstan’s, Farringtons, Blackheath High, West lodge, Colfe’s, Babington House, Oakfield prep, Breaside
Year Group: S1- S2
Venue: St. Dunstan’s
S1 Boys: Joe B, Joshua H, Joseph C, Gian
S1 Girls: Summers, Darcey, Daphne, Aoife
S2 Boys: Charles, Oliver Delamain, William, Artie
S2 Girls: Evie, April, Alicia, Sophia


S1 boys 1st
S1 girls 5th
S2 boys 1st
S2 girls 3rd


Player(s) of the match:
Joe, Joshua, Joseph, Gian Charles, Oliver, William, Artie



Date: Monday 22 February 2018
Sport: ISA Cross Country
Opposition: 15 other schools
Year Group: S2-S3-S4
Venue: Frewen College, Northiam
S2 Boys: Oliver Delamain, Daniel Delamain, William, Herbie, Joseph B.
S2 Girls: Evie, April, Alicia
S3/S4 Boys: Luca, Demi, Kevin, Zhechko, Max, Harrison
S3/S4 Girls: Niamh, Naysa, Emily


S2 Boys: Oliver 2nd, William 9th, Herbie 18th, Joe 25th
S2 Girls: Evie 2nd, April 11th, Alicia 17th
S3/S4 Boys: Zhechko 11th, Harrison 13th, Luca 14th, Demi 23rd, Kevin 28th, Max 29th
S3/S4 Girls: Emily 7th, Niamh 25th, Naysa 26th


Player(s) of the match: Oliver, Evie


Captains: Luca, Niamh



Date: Wednesday 11 October
Opposition: Breaside, Babington House, Blackheath Prep, Bromley High, Colfe’s, Farringtons, Hextable, St. Dunstan’s, St. Christopher’s, Pointer
Year Group: S3- S4
Venue: Home
S3 Boys: Harrison, Max, Mahaan, Charlie
S3 Girls: Amber, Chase, Cliona, Evie
S4 Boys: Demi, Luca, Nico Cavasino, Zhechko
S4 Girls: Ruby, Naysa, Niamh, Jenni


S3 Boys: 1st place
S3 Girls: 7th place
S4 Boys: 3rd place
S4 Girls: 7th place


Player(s) of the match: Harrison, Max, Mahaan, Charlie


Captains: Luca, Niamh

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