Results Spring 2019

Date: Friday 23rd February 2019

Sport: Duathlon

Opposition: Farringtons, Colfe’s, St. Dunstan’s, Croydon High

Year Group: S3 – S4

Venue: Farringtons


S4: Max – Harrison, Sam C – Derin, Brandon – Joshua, Hudson – Tyler

      Maisie – Emily, Ayda – Amber, Ashiya – Cliona, Chloe – Chase

S3: James – Oliver Delamain, Oliver W – Artie, Leo – Herbie, Tom – Daniel

       Ella – Evie, Darcie – Alicia, Florence – Sloane, Dolly – Amy


S4 Boys: Max – Harrison in overall finished 1st

S4 Girls: Maisie – Emily in overall finished 1st

S3 Boys: James – Oliver in overall finished 1st


Player(s) of the match:  Max, Harrison, Maisie, Emily, James, Oliver