Food & Nutrition

Nurturing A Lifelong Love Of Food


Healthy food and good nutrition are the heart of our Catering Department.  Freshly cooked and served by our own in-house team, using seasonal ingredients that are sourced locally, our children enjoy a nourishing lunch every day.  Our hot lunch consists of a main course or a vegetarian option, together with a full salad bar.  Our tempting, varied desserts also have a fruit or yoghurt option.


Our meat is purchased from Carnivore Ltd, traditional butchers based in Sidcup, who make their own sausages and bacon on the premises.  All their Beef, Lamb and Chicken are sourced reliably and free range or organic.


Our vegetables are from Fig & Fennel in Pratts Bottom.  Fig & Fennel provide us with home-grown fresh farm produce offering a wealth of seasonal fruit and vegetables.  All their packaging is bio-degradable which also fits well with our eco-vision at Merton Court.


Our children are subjected to lots of influences from both Celebrities and social media which is having a huge impact on their diet and lifestyles.  Children and Staff are becoming flexitarian, vegetarian and vegan – we are very mindful of these diets and will continue to increase our options to suit all tastes.  Our Head Cook is trained in the new law known as Natasha’s Law – please do not hesitate to contact her if you have any questions.


Allergies are very common in our society and we are very lucky to have a catering team who are dedicated to providing safe and enjoyable lunches.  Our two cooks are both Allergy trained.  We can, and do accommodate a variety of food intolerances and are always here to help and advise parent/carers with any issues they wish to discuss.


Sustainability is high on our agenda and our S4 Food Committee is passionate about making a difference.  How our food is packed, where it comes from and what we eat are concerns we all have and here at Merton Court we are eager to educate and evolve.