Seniors Y3

Year 3
Thus begins the transition from the Junior School to the Senior School where children are encouraged to take more responsibility for themselves and their learning.


The core curriculum is vital and children begin to experience more subject based teaching aided by subject specialists. Smaller group work sessions in English and Maths begin in the first half of the academic year which encourages confidence and progress in key skills.


Homework continues with 1 subject per night which should be completed within a twenty minute period.


Most children have the opportunity to represent the school in our main sports of rugby, netball, football, swimming and cricket.



Remote Learning due to Covid-19 

Our revised Remote Learning Policy may be found in the ‘Policies’ section of our website.


We have carefully considered how to engage children in enjoyable learning, during any ’ Lockdown’.


We aim to ensure all children make the progress they would make while in school ; and to help parents support their children whilst they master hybrid or remote learning.


If a year group ‘bubble’ is required to go home or if we are required by Government to comply with a full lockdown, we provide a mixture of daily (3-5 hours) live and recorded , form teacher and specialist subject, online sessions.


Along with this , we supervise one to one reading and support individuals and groups, with oral and written work, using live communication with children (and where required, their parents).


Textbooks, printed materials and  exercise books are sent home regularly, in order to further support this online learning.