Inspection Reports

Merton Court ISI Compliance Report June 2018


The school is compliant in all areas and all the Standards are met.
The ISI Reporting Inspector said, “the school presents itself beautifully.”


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I am delighted to outline the very positive comments and findings of ISI inspectors following our inspection in November 2014.


The full report is available from the school office.


  • The ability of the children in school is above average, with over a third having well above average ability. Attainment in national tests is well above the national average of maintained primary schools.


  • The school successfully achieves its aims of enabling pupils to reach their potential by providing a good education with a varied and balanced curriculum within a caring environment, with strong family ethos and an atmosphere of warmth and friendliness.


  • Teaching is good, the quality of the pupils’ achievements is good and within the EYFS, progress is excellent. All pupils have excellent attitudes towards learning.


  • Spectacular EYFS wooded area.


  • Generous EYFS staff ratios and high quality EYFS Team.


  • We run an excellent programme of extra-curricular clubs & activities.


  • The spiritual, social, moral and cultural development of the pupils is excellent. Links with the local community are especially strong.


  • Relationships amongst pupils and between pupils and staff are excellent.


  • Safeguarding arrangements are effective.


  • Recruitment procedures are robust; arrangements for health and safety are good, ensuring that pupils are safe.


  • Links with parents and carers are excellent.


  • The quality of the pupils’ achievements and learning is good.


  • The pupils are extremely articulate, enthusiastic and engaged learners.


  • Children in the EYFS make excellent progress, often exceeding expected levels of attainment by the end of Reception.


  • Children have excellent listening skills.


  • The pupils’ excellent ability to communicate coherently is evident in all curriculum areas.


  • Pupils questionnaires were phenomenally positive.


  • Pupils are consistently awarded places at their first choice maintained selective or independent senior school, with a number winning scholarships every year.


  • Pupils’ attitudes to their learning are excellent and their behaviour is exemplary.


  • Teaching – the vast majority is good/excellent. Pupils follow a broad and creative curriculum.


  • There is a strong focus on reading and literacy. Phonics sessions promote early writing skills and particularly good progress in writing.


  • Teaching shows high expectations and motivates the children through an excellent range of imaginative tasks.


  • Teachers’ subject knowledge is very good and skilful questioning techniques encourage pupils to think and reason for themselves.


  • Displays throughout the school are vibrant and inspiring and include excellent artwork.


  • The pupils’ behaviour is excellent.


  • Dedicated staff are highly effective in fulfilling the school’s aim to create an atmosphere of warmth and friendliness. Staff know the pupils extremely well.


  • Relationships between staff and pupils and among pupils themselves are excellent
    School meals are well-balanced and nutritious.


  • The contribution of arrangements for welfare, health and safety is good.


  • The safeguarding of all pupils is given effective attention.


  • The quality of governance is sound. There has been considerable investment in the school, including, recently, a woodland area for the EYFS, new classroom accommodation, and interactive whiteboards throughout the school.


  • The buildings and grounds are very well maintained.


  • The quality of leadership and management is good.


  • The school is inspired by a committed and dedicated headmaster.


  • The leadership team has a clear vision for the development of the school.


  • We have highly committed and hard-working staff, who work well together.


  • Teaching assistants and support staff are highly valued.


  • The school has excellent standards of pastoral care and of pupils’ personal development.


  • The arrangements for personal care are excellent.


  • Links with parents, carers and guardians are excellent.


  • We have a strong Parents’ Association.


The following were areas identified for further improvement, which the school has already begun to address:


  • More systematic evidence of governance by the proprietors through the keeping of more formal written records.


  • More formal written records for staff appraisal and professional development.


  • Lesson planning and teaching/learning review for the ‘Most Able’.


  • Increased frequency of observational note taking in EYFS.