Inspection Reports



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Sincere thanks to our whole school community, for everyone’s effort, positivity and hard work in achieving ‘excellent’ across all areas, following our ISI inspection at the end of November ’22. (A full copy of our Combined two-part Focused Compliance and Educational Quality Inspection is available via our website or from the school office.)


In our Regulatory Compliance Inspection, all compliance areas were deemed ‘met’.


In the first section of the EQI, the quality of pupils’ academic and other achievements was excellent, as was pupils’ progress and achievement over time and pupils’ attitudes towards learning, including their ability to demonstrate initiative and independence.


The report highlighted that pupils here achieve at high levels in all aspects of school life and enjoy their numerous successes, pointing out that pupils’ excellent academic and extra-curricular achievements owe much to the proprietor’s provision of excellent, much appreciated facilities which offer plentiful opportunities for pupils to develop their talents.


The report went on to say that Merton Court pupils attain highly in Mathematics, English and Science by the time they reach the top of the school, that they have an excellent, well-developed range of study skills, which they use to great effect from an early age and that their understanding of the uses of information and communication (ICT), and the application of their computing skills, are excellent.


In the second section of the EQI, inspectors judged the quality of pupils’ personal development as excellent, with pupils’ self-knowledge, self-esteem, self-confidence and self-discipline excellent, whilst also saying that pupils demonstrate high levels of perseverance and resilience, responding to challenges with commitment and enthusiasm. Levels of moral understanding are also extremely high in response to the high expectations of staff and effective classroom management techniques.


Furthermore, ISI reported that pupils’ social development and ability to collaborate are excellent – pupils are determined to stay safe and healthy, exhibiting excellent knowledge about what this means. Their respect for other members of the school community is also excellent.


Pupils are extremely clear about the meaning and the expression of spirituality, showing an excellent understanding of associated vocabulary. Their contributions to the school community are extensive and valued by all members of the school; they make decisions effectively and assuredly and they choose wisely when selecting the level of challenge in the extension work available to them, showing excellent understanding of decision-making.


So, all in all an ‘Excellent’ ISI report.


Well done everybody – pupils, staff, and parents. This report is a source of real pride, and equally, an opportunity for genuine celebration.