The fees per term, as from January 2020, are set out below.


Early Years – 5 mornings (age 3 – 4 years) £3,025
Early Years – full time (age 3 – 4 years) £4,175
Junior Preparatory (Reception – Year 2) £4,280
Senior Preparatory (Year 3 – Year 6) £4,550
PTA Subscription (per family) £20

All fees are due on, or before, the first day of term and should be paid at the beginning of each of the three terms.   There will be a late payment charge of £100.00 for accounts not paid during the first week of term.  The school reserves the right to charge interest on overdue accounts.


Fees are inclusive of tuition, basic stationery, materials, text books, library books, swimming and lunches.  Parents with more than one child at Merton Court School are eligible for a reduction of 5% per term on a second child and 10% on a third child.  If, for any reason, a child is absent from school, no refund can be made on school fees.  The charge for an individual afternoon session is £50.  Fees are reviewed annually, in January.