Clubs and Activities


Day Club/Activity Staff Responsible Time Venue
Mon J1 Mini-tennis Mrs Harding & Miss Amphlett 3.00-3.30 Astroturf
S1 Netball Mrs Summers 3.25-4.25 Astroturf
S1 Science Club Mrs Turley 3.25-4.00 S1T
S2 Netball Mrs Walsham 3.30-4.30 Astroturf
S3 Multisport Mr Jones 3.40-4.40 Field
S4 Cross Country Mr Patnell 3.45-4.25 Field
Tues S1 Cross Country Mrs Meehan 3.25-4.05 Field
S3 Netball Mrs Summers 3.40-4.40 Astroturf
S4 Netball Mrs Walsham 3.45-4.45 Astroturf
S4 Multisport Mr Jones 3.45-4.45 Field
Wed J2 Mindfulness Colouring Miss Hall, Mrs Melia & Mrs Stickings 3.15-4.00 J2
J3 Multisport Mrs Walsham & Mr Christy 3.30-4.15 Astroturf
S1 Multisport Mr Jones & Mr Reece 3.25-4.25 Astroturf
S2 Cross Country Mrs Clarke & Mrs Saunders 3.30-4.10 Field
Thurs EY Seasonal Crafts Mr Mullin & Mrs Richardson 3.00-3.30 EY
J2 Multisport Mrs Summers & Mrs Stickings 3.30-4.15 Astroturf
J3 Handwriting Mrs Lord 3.30-4.00 J3L/W
S2 Multisport Mr Jones & Mr Castleton 3.30-4.30 Astroturf
S3 Cross Country Mr Sadikali 3.40-4.20 Field
S3 Inkheads Mrs Pearce & Mr Brady 3.35-4.35 S3B

Clubs/activities will run for 6 sessions this half term, commencing

Monday, 2 November.

There will be no charge for attending these clubs.