Clubs and Activities


Netball Squad (S3/S4) Mrs Summers 8.00-8.40 Hall

Spellbinders (S1 – S4) Mr Brady 10.20-10.40 S4B
Elocution Club (S1) Mrs Meehan 10.20-10.40 S3M
Table Tennis Club (S3/S4)  Mr Woodhall 12.30-1.00 Hall

Elocution Club (J2, J3) Mr Christy 12.30-1.00 J3C

Junior Computer Club Mr Sadikali 12.30-12.50 Computer Rm
Junior Bible Stories Club (J2/J3) Mrs Harding 12.30-1.15 J1

Senior French Club Mrs Whitehill 1.00-1.30 Library
Football Club (S3/S4) Mr Woodhall/Mr Mullin 3.35-4.35 Field
Senior Netball Club Mrs Walsham/Mrs Summers 3.40-4.35 Astro
Karate Club (Juniors) Sensei Paul 3.15-4.15 Dance Studio


Gold Swimming Squad Mrs Walsham 8.00-8.40 Pool

Be a Reader (J1-J3) Mrs Harding 12.30-1.00 Library

Netball Club (S3/S4) Mrs Summers 12.30-1.00 Astro

Chess Club (J3) Mr Price Lunchtime Science Room

Tiger Tennis (EY) Miss Morris/Mr Mullin 1.00-1.30 Astro/Hall

Terrific Tennis (J1/J2) Miss Morris/Miss Smith 3.10-3.40 Astro/Hall

Team Games (J2/J3) Mr Mullin/Miss Thatcher 3.35-4.15 Astro/Hall
Mindful Colouring Mrs Clarke 3.35-4.30 S2C

Board Games Club Mrs Meehan 3.35-4.30 S3M
Cross Country (S1 – S4) Mrs Summers 3.35-4.15 Field

Multi-Sports Club (S1 – S4) Mr Sadikali/Mr Mullin Astro/Hall
Senior Puzzle Club Mrs Mepham 3.35-4.30 S2M
Karate Club (Seniors) Sensei Paul 3.40-4.40 Dance Studio


Elocution Club (S2) Mrs Jones 12.30-1.00 Science Room
Netball (S1/S2) Mrs Summers 1.00-1.30 Astro

Elocution Club (S2) Mrs Jones 1.00-1.30 Science Room
Senior Tap Mrs Saunders 1.00-1.30 Dance Studio
Drama Club (J3) Miss Hall 3.15-4.15 J2H

Animation Club (J2/J3) Miss Woollard 3.15-4.15 J2W

Junior Art Club (J2/J3) Miss Melia 3.15-4.15 J3M/w
Senior Art Club (S3/S4) Mrs Turley/Miss Melia 3.35-4.30 Art Room

Drama Club (J2/J3) Miss Hall 3.15-4.15  J2H

Football Club (S1/S2) Mr Brady/Mr Mullin 3.35-4.35 Field

Girls Football  (S1 -S4) Miss Morris/Miss Smith 3.35-4.35 Astro
Senior Forest School Club Mrs Saunders 3.35-4.45 Forest School


Swim School (Open) (J2 – S4) Mrs Walsham/Mr Woodhall 8.00-8.40 Pool
Ballet & Tap (EY/J1) Mrs Saunders 12.30-1.15 Dance Studio

CYCLEmeTOTS (EY) Mr Mollison 12.30-1.00 Lwr P/Gnd

Mystery Club (Senior) Mr Sadikali 12.30-12.50 MFL Room

Library Club Mr Woodhall 12.30-1.00 Library

Keyboard Club (S3/S4) Mr Reece 12.30-1.00 Music Room
Senior Ballet Mrs Saunders 1.15-1.40 Dance Studio

Musical Theatre (Juniors) Mrs Saunders/Mr Reece 3.35-4.15

Science Club (S1/S2) Mrs Rutter 3.35-4.30 Science Room/S1R
Inkheads (S2-S4) Mrs Pearce 3.35-4.35 Library

Cross Country (S1 – S4) Mrs Summers 3.35-4.15 Field

CYCLEmeTOTS (J1) Mr Mollison 12.30-1.00 Lwr P/Gnd
Irish Dancing (J2/J3) Mrs Kyne 3.15-4.00 Dance Studio
Irish Dancing (S1-S4) Mrs Kyne 4.00-4.30 Dance Studio
Hockey Club (S3/S4) Mr Price 3.35-4.30 Astro


Bronze & Silver Swimming Squad (S1-S4) Mrs Walsham/Mr Woodhall 8.00-8.40 Pool
Music Club (J3-S4) Mr Bailey 10.20-10.40 MaD House

Ballet & Tap (J2/J3) Mrs Saunders 12.30-1.15 Dance Studio
Senior Computer Club Mr Sadikali 12.30-1.20 Computer Rm

Clubs/activities generally run for 10 sessions per term, but are dependent upon term length.


Please note clubs do not run on the first or last week of term.


Clubs: Spring Term 2019

Animation Club (J3/J2) – Using Ipads to create stop motion videos.

Art Clubs – Junior (J2/J3) & Senior (S3/S4) –All types of art.

Be a Reader (J1-J3) – Choosing books from the library.

Cross Country Club (S1-S4) – Improve running skills.

Team Games (J2/J3) – Improve ball skills with drills and fun games.

Bible Stories Club – Hear bible stories with songs and craft activities.

Board Games Club – Learn to play board games. You are welcome to bring in your own favourite games to share.

Chess Club (J3) – Gameplay for improvers

Computer Clubs (Junior & Senior) – Computer Games and other related activities.

Cycle Me Tots (EY/J1) – Learn how to cycle using balance bikes. Places limited.

Drama Club – Build confidence and help with public speaking.

Elocution Club (J2/J3) – Learn a new poem every week & prepare for Victoria College Speech Exams. Continuing from the Autumn term.

Elocution Club (S1-S4) – Preparation for Victoria College Speech Exams. Continuing from the Autumn term.
Football Clubs (S1-S4) – Practise and improve football skills.

Forest School (Senior) – Come and have fun exploring the outdoors.

French Club (S1-S4) – Introduction to conversational French.

Inkheads (S2-S4) – Sharpen your creative writing skills.

Irish Dancing Club (J2-S4) – Learn how to Irish Dance (see School Office for more information). Sibling Discount – £28

Hockey Club (S3/S4) – Practise and improve hockey skills.

Karate Club – Karate course for beginners & improvers. Places limited.

Keyboard Club (S3/S4) – Non piano players learn a keyboard instrument.

Library Club – Library organisational skills and book displays

Mindful Colouring (S1-S4) – A calm and fun colouring club. Make yourself comfortable and let your creativity run wild.

Multi-Sports Club (S1-S4) – Come play different sports e.g. Basketball, Dodgeball.

Music Club (J3-S4) – Come and play a variety of instruments.

Musical Theatre Workshops (Juniors) – Come along and sing and dance to favourite show songs.

Mystery Club (Senior) – Puzzles and challenges for any budding spy.

Netball Club (S1-S4) – Come and play netball.

Puzzle Club (S1-S4) – Enhancing lateral thinking, memory and hand/eye

co-ordination skills.

Science Club (S1/S2) – Science fun … with experiments!

Spellbinders (S1-S4) – Be spellbound by different types of fiction.

Swimming School (J2-S4) – Small class for children who need extra help to improve confidence.

Swimming Squads –

Gold     – Advanced swimmers above level 5 on two strokes.

Silver   – Swimmers who can competently swim 50m on front and on back.

Bronze – For younger children who want to improve their speed, technique and endurance.

Table Tennis Club (S3/S4) – Learning how to play.

Tiger/Terrific Tennis (EY-J2) – Tennis based fun and games.


Ballet and Tap Lessons

Various classes held in ballet and tap at lunchtimes. Lessons are available for children from EY to S4.

Please contact Mrs Saunders for further details either directly or via the School Office.


Instrumental Lessons

We offer individual violin, cello, piano, drums, guitar and singing lessons.  Lessons take place during the course of the school day for children from J1 to S1 and from S2 to S4 at lunchtime or before/after school.

Request forms available from the School Office or from Mr Reece (Music Room)