S1 Roman Day!

S1 Roman Day!


S1 were very excited to be the first class to be able to welcome parents back to share a class assembly and have a coffee morning, in almost two years. The children were very persuasive in convincing a courtroom that Mr Price should no longer rule the school but the running of it should be handed over to the Romans! S1 entertained their audience with a song ‘Like a Roman’ and the audience soon learned about these invaders that ruled Britannica two thousand years ago!

After this S1, went on to enjoy a Roman Day, where they ‘cooked like a Roman’ and made authentic Roman pizzas with Juno Brand, solved Roman numeral puzzles in collaborative teams with Lucia Meehan and created fabulous mosaics with their art teacher, Valeria Bays.

Everyone agreed that Roman Day was a great way to end the History topic and a  fun way of learning!